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Sisters For Life

Alpha Chi Omega has given me one of the greatest opportunities in college both academically and socially. At first, I was unsure if this was the best choice for me, but since joining, I have not regretted the decision one bit! I have met the most incredible girls who have now become my life-long sisters. It’s amazing to have a sisterhood who’s girls are all academic driven, many even sharing the same classes and interests as myself. My big, Alex, is one of the biggest reasons I chose to join AXO. A couple of quarters ago, we had the opportunity to take a couple of the same classes together. This has definitely made us closer, from studying all night to stressing before a test… I wouldn’t have wanted to go through that with anybody else. 

Alpha Chi has connected me with kind, strong women whom I talk to every single day! From my twin to my assistant, everyone has been there for me no matter what. During my new-member period, I decided to sign up for a couple of Junior Exec positions. With the support from the chapter, I was elected as AXO’s Social Chair and Webpage Master. Both of these positions has taught me many valuable lessons, such as managing finances, communicating with other chapters, and web-page making. It never felt like a job when I needed to go buy supplies from Albertsons, or have the pressure of constantly keeping in touch with the other chapters on campus. Emily, my assistant, has truly made my experience as an Alpha Chi memorable, and every moment we’ve had together is absolutely amazing. One time, we decided to wait in front of a fraternity house just to get their Social Chair to talk to me. We are the most dedicated Social Chairs AXO has ever had 😁

I’m happy to be able to call these sisters my friends, even outside of the sorority. One of my closest friends, Valentina, was a new member with me our first quarter at AXO. We’ve been friends before recruitment, but after joining Alpha Chi, our bond has definitely increased a lot. We are constantly getting boba together, shopping at Spectrum, and doing homework in the study rooms. I was very fortunate to meet another sister, Sydney, whom I got close with through being in the same Python course with. We’ve seen each other at our bests and worsts, crying about grades and laughing about boys. She always finds a way to make me smile. 🥰 I wouldn’t trade anything for these girls, for they are truly my sisters for life.

Love, Amy Steinmetz

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