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What Our President Has To Say

I joined AXO simply wanting to meet other people because it was hard to expand my friend network since I was commuting. I didn't really think that I'd voluntarily invest a lot of time into a sorority, but I was completely wrong. Now I love seeing, meeting, and doing activities with my sisters on campus and off campus. Also, my heart desires to help the chapter grow and to make the most out of it with my sisters.

I am currently holding an executive position as the chapter president, and I can't thank all my sisters enough for the achievement. My big was always encouraging me for what I wanted to do, and a few of my closer friends in AXO were supportive. I also had rest of the chapter who trusted me to hold this position. Without them, I wouldn't have had an opportunity to grow as a person, leader, and, of course, sister.

AXO is not just a simple organization. Alpha Chi not only has given me the best people but also allowed me to extend my capabilities to do more than what I thought my limits were. This sisterhood is my memory and life-worth experience that I will cherish forever!

Love, Hailey Kim

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