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Fun Times with Our Sisters

I love getting food with sisters (esp sushi which is like my fave food ever). Delsushi at UTC has suuuper good sushi and it’s not super expensive & it’s open till midnight. So I would go there a lot before and after events :)

Love, Upasana Mustafi

The first time I got a tattoo was with my gbig. She had wanted a tattoo and dragged me all across OC to find a good tattoo shop. My tattoo, on the other hand, was pretty unplanned. It involved me enjoying an artist's work, pulling up google images, and then making the decision then and there. When I get nervous, I talk a lot, so the entire time was me blabbering my mouth (in hindsight, very loudly -- now everyone in that tattoo shop knows about my love life) while my gbig stood next to me and laughed. I don't regret it at all, and the tattoos we got kind of matched in colour, and it's a piece of my gbig that I carry around everywhere I go.

Love, Audrey Shi

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