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Sew into my new Hobby!

I recently picked up a new hobby to pass time—embroidery. I know at first it sounds like an antiquated and boring activity that stopped trending after the Middle Ages, but I am here to tell you that there is a reason your grandma knows how to embroider. It has turned out to be such a rewarding experience for me.

Not only is embroidery an easy way to express your creativity, it is also very simple to get started. All starting materials can be acquired at your local art supply store and only a needle, embroidery hoop and some thread is required. I watched youtube videos to learn basic stitches and discovered that most are very repetitive! It was easy to get the hang of after a few stitches. I like embroidering clothes and have done designs on a couple t-shirts, a tank top, and have some ideas for a baseball cap. I also embroidered on a blanket as a gift for my grandfather! He loved it as it made the present personalized and I had put lots of time and love into it!

Recently, my friends have also started embroidery and it is the perfect activity for socializing during a pandemic. Embroidery can be done while social distancing, wearing a mask, and it makes chatting with your friends all the more fun!

Love, Kiku Yoneda

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