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It Was Meant To Be

For anyone who is hesitant to go through recruitment, I'm here to tell you that everything is going to be fine. I went through formal fall recruitment, not once! but twice! you're going to find your home of girls who are gonna be just like you. a place where you can be yourself, meet girls who share the same values, have sisters to take classes with, lifetime friends.

I had actually met my big, Ivana, during the first time I went through recruitment as a freshmen. It was brief, but I was talking to her big (Bomi) and she introduced me to her little (Ivana). and when I went through recruitment again in second year, I actually had gotten a chance to have a conversation with her. The funny thing was that I had remembered from a whole year ago, but kept it to myself until after I got into AXO as she didn't seem to recognize me right off the bat.

And we instantly clicked on Bid Day, I remember rushing into her arms and hugging her so tight! Gradually, as we had gotten to know each other, we found out that we are the same exact person, sharing the same perspectives and similar ideals. My big is my soulmate! and if I didn't go through recruitment, we really wouldn't have been able to meet any other way outside of Greek Life.

AXO has always been fated to be my home, it's a gut feeling you just know that you've made the perfect decision. I know, it sounds like a fairy tale and too good to be true. But trusting the process is a little magic that can go a long way.

Love, Joyce Fok

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