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Why We Joined Alpha Chi

The thing that really peaked my interest in Alpha Chi initially was the diversity of the chapter. I was blown away at how many different types of girls were before me and since recruitment, the diversity of the chapter has been the one thing I love most about this chapter.

Love, Nini Wu

As a transfer student I was worried it would be hard to mingle with people. However, AXO made it really easy to make friends. I have made some amazing friendships that I will never forget. I am forever grateful for AXO. Without these girls, my transfer experience wouldn’t have been the same!

Love, Mady Madrigal

I had a hard time making friends since I was a transfer student, but AXO definitely helped me meet some of my closest and best friends at UCI! I am forever grateful I decided to join AXO and I hope to become closer to more people as my tree last year at UCI starts.

Love, Emma Nguyen

I met me best friends through AXO. Ashley, Lisa and Evangeline. The girl gang 💗 And we all graduated together.

Love, Lara Kirandag

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